A History of Evangelical Tradition

Serving God in Chula Vista since 1959

Over the last 60 years, Bay View Baptist Church has been dedicated to preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in Chula Vista.


We have watched the neighborhood grow from lemon orchards into a bustling residential community; we also witnessed our children grow into teachers whose grandchildren now study under them.

Our purpose is to draw all men closer to God through sound Biblical teaching and personal, spiritual discipleship. We believe in the power of prayer and know that God's Holy Spirit is active in the world today!


Sr. Pastor
REv. Richard Hensgen

Richard has led the congregation at Bay View Baptist for over 10 years. He combines 35 years of experience as a pastor with his background as a Naval officer and microbiologist to present a relevant Biblical outlook on spiritual life in modern America.

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Our resident prayer warrior, George presents Biblical truth from the lens of an electrical engineer and handyman who knows first-hand the power of a life connected to God through Jesus Christ.

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